Your child comes home from school crying; what do you do?

Bruce Langford presents bullying prevention concepts to school children

This is a question that touches the heart of all of us as parents. My child should be able to go to school and feel safe, every day. The virtues of kindness, respect, consideration and caring should be a part of every school agenda. Has your school had an anti-bullying assembly this year? Bullying prevention workshops should be an important part of a child’s education. Has your child recently come home from school telling you about an exciting keynote speaker who taught hands-on bullying prevention strategies? Bullying prevention events can leave a positive lasting impression on the minds of children. Don’t leave your children helpless when it comes to learning how to stand up for themselves. Your children will learn how to stand up against bullying at bullying prevention assemblies sponsored by Stand Up Now Productions featuring speaker and anti-bullying advocate Bruce Langford. Click here for more information on our school programs.


3 Responses to Your child comes home from school crying; what do you do?

  1. Mike shatto says:

    Standing up to a bully is good but what.happens if that does work u get beat up

  2. Katelyn_Hein says:

    I always get bullied and its not fun so put your self in someone else’s body and be the victim and see how he/she feels! STAND UP TO BULLYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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